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Our process

  1. Free discovery call and audit
  2. Complete technical and competitive review
  3. Start marketing campaign
  4. Watch organic traffic and leads explode

What is the expected
result of our effort?


15,000%Growth in organic traffic

600%Inquiries increase

Tikvah Lake Recovery Pool - 50 North solutions

Our story

David and Adam Nesenoff founded Tikvah Lake Recovery, a high-end addiction and mental health rehab in Florida in 2016. Like most health care businesses nowadays, customers search for their services on google.

David and Adam figured that in order to achieve top placements on google searches there were two main options; organic placement or Google AdWords

David and Adam decided that it would be impossible to organically place so high on google so they decided to spend money on google adwords. Unfortunately, it is very costly and competitive. Adwords works on a bidding system, so the price is constantly rising as there are more competitors seeking high placements.

David and Adam were told to spend at least $15,000 a month if they wanted to see any results. They spent this budget with three different companies who all claimed to be top-notch. Nonetheless, there were few results, if any.

After spending tens of thousands of dollars on Google Adwords and having nothing to show for it, they decided to go the organic rankings route.

Similar to the google Adword agencies, there were many agencies offering us SEO services to rank organically. Again, they saw no success with the various agencies and approaches.

Finally, David and Adam put together a team, through trial and error. This team has enabled TikvahLake.com to rank #1 for extremely competitive terms such as ‘Luxury Rehab in Florida.’

Over the past 30 days alone, the website has had over 85,000 organic visitors. It is up over 15,000% since they put together this proven team of experts.

Now, David and Adam want to assist other health care facilities in gaining organic exposure online. Every dollar spent is a direct investment in the website, not money going to Google Adwords.

David and Adam aren’t offering a la carte options or starter packages that don’t produce results (as they had been offered by other companies in the past).

David and Adam are offering a full-service approach that includes research, content creation, quality link building, technical SEO, etc.